Monday, December 19, 2005

Blue Heron

There's a funny story with this picture. A few years ago we were in Canada, and when we first arrived one of the kids told us that a blue heron had landed over near a stream. We very slowly approached it with a camera and took several photographs. (This being one of them.) We were very proud of ourselves. Later when the kids were fishing on the dock, the same heron landed right next to them. The heron the proceeded to eat the fish out of the bucket that the kids were putting them. It became very obvious the heron was very accustomed to people. I've never seen one do that before, or since.

The Photo was taken with a 35mm Canon EOS Rebel Camera.

1 comment:

ruma2008 said...

What a beautiful bird!!

I'm now challenging the photograph of the bird, by my compact camera!